Jobs & Economic Growth



My Record

Helping growing Wisconsin’s economy is my number one priority as your state senator. Over the last several years we’ve seen tremendous progress in making Wisconsin a jobs-magnet rather than a jobs exporter. No place in Wisconsin is seeing more job growth than right here in Southeastern Wisconsin and the 21stDistrict -  Amazon’s distribution center, or Haribo’s first North American factory, and Foxconn and the first LCD production center in the western hemisphere.

But Wisconsin’s economy is more than just those new large companies. We must continue to maintain and environment that will help Wisconsin’s legacy companies and small and medium-size business grow and thrive. That starts with a healthy tax and regulatory environment, a skilled and educated workforce, and a good transportation system.

My Plans

In my next session I will continue to focus on growing the economy that means:

  • Continuing to cut taxes for every taxpayer
  • Removing barriers to growth and employment
  • Keeping the Foxconn project on track & protecting Wisconsin’s investment
  • Expanding investment incentives in Wisconsin