Tax Reform


My Record

Since my first election, Wisconsin Republicans have delivered $22 BILLION in property and income tax relief for all taxpayers. Last year, I voted for over $3.4 billion in income tax relief – around $500 per family. I also led the way to finish off the Miller Park Tax once and for all.  

My Plans

  • With a preliminary projected surplus of $3.8 billion, we have the opportunity to enact permanent, transformative tax relief next year – And that’s my goal. 
  • My priority is to continue this tradition of tax relief and putting more money back into taxpayer’s pockets. 
  • Property Taxes – Despite years of property tax relief, Wisconsin's property taxpayers continue to be too high. We need to lower Wisconsin’s property tax burden. 
  • Income Taxes – I will work to flatten our income tax and lower tax rates for all taxpayers.
  • Business Taxes – I will work to continue to eliminate the personal property tax burden on Wisconsin businesses.